Founded in France in 1999, ALISSAR is an independent structure. It has as a mission to initiate artistic and cultural exchanges with the Arab World that brings forth mutual sharing and understanding. Having as an objective to encourage all exchanges and initiatives aiming at establishing new artistic collaborations with the Arab world, ALISSAR addresses itself to artists and professionals of the performing arts.

Its activities are formulated around three axes : 1- Information and consultancy 2- Co-ordination and follow-up 3- Projects, conception and research

Thus, with the help of many French, European and Arab institutions, ALISSAR connects the various artists together and acts as an interface between them and the cultural decision makers, encouraging a vertical exchange (North-South) as well as a horizontal one (South-South). Its vocation is to create networks that facilitate the passage of information and the orientation of the artists towards the various cultural structures in Europe and the Arab world. It also provides its expertise to project initiators in order to help them find partners, to connect them with the various corresponding initiatives and to bring them together with all other similar approaches liable to develop projects with mutual interests. Finally, with the aim of giving French and European audiences a better image and a clearer understanding of Arab cultures, it helps the cultural institutions to better expose and publicize the Arab linked projects that they host.

In addition to the International artists meeting in Amman, ALISSAR is currently developing other projects, mainly the creation of an Internet Web Site to act as an information and resource center concerning the artistic creation in the Arab world.

ALISSAR is the Arabic name of Dido : Tyrenian princess and legendary founder of Carthage (IXth century) honored as the founding goddess of the city.

Contacts: Myriam ELHAïK
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