Visits of spaces in France, Latvia and Slovakia (2004-2005)

Visits of spaces in France, Latvia and Slovakia (2004-2005)

Reports of visits in Amsterdam

You will find here below the report of visits of different spaces and organisations in Europe. These visits allowed the better acknowlegement of spaces in France, Slovakia, The Netherlands and Latvia. You will find here complete description of their activities. This visits were possible thanks to the support of the European Commission through Grundtvig 2 "Learning partnerships ", decentralised action within Socrates Programme.
August 2004

– Felix Meritis
– Melkweg

Visit in Saint Ouen / Paris (France, 12-15 December 2005)

– Mains d’œuvres
– Villa Mais d’ici
– Point ephemere
– Actes - if - a regional network

Visit in Riga and Karosta (Latvia, 18-20 March 2005)

– k@2
– Betanovuss

Visit in BRATISLAVA / ZILINA (Slovakia, 9 - 11 June 2005)

– Stanica
– Centre for contemporary art

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