International Meeting Between Autonomous Cultural Centers - Shanghai

Report of the meeting

see the staff exchange proposal • The International Meeting between Autonomous Cultural Centres, organised by artfactories and Bizart centre with the support of ASEF, gathered for the first time 30 autonomous cultural centres from 15 countries. Close to 60 people from different fields attended different workshops, including those from autonomous cultural centres, networks and residencies programme (such as Artists Link, Res Artis, Trans Artists, Trans Europe Halles), and city council, as (...)


European Participants Mains d’Œuvres - Saint Ouen (France) __ Magali Terrier / Fazette Bordage Friche la Belle de Mai / Groupe Dunes - Marseilles (France) __ Madeleine Chiche / Bernard Misrachi Emmetrop - Bourges (France) __ Jérôme Poret Confort Moderne / Fédurok - Poitiers (France) __ Thierry Mouillé Ufafabrik - Berlin (Germany) __ Sigrid Niemer Gasworks - London (UK) __ Alessio Antoniolli Rex B92 Cultural Centre / Réseau TransEuropeHalles - Belgrade (Serbia and Montenegro) __ Katarina (...)


The meeting is financially supported by : Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) AFAA, in the frame of "L’année de la France en Chine (october 2004 - july 2005) organized by the Commissariat général français des Années croisées France-Chine, by the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, by the French Ministry for the Arts, and the Association Française d’Action Artisitique with the support of the Comité d’Honneur of "L’Année de la France en Chine" the Governement of the Hong Kong Special Administrative (...)


In addition to the installations, BizArt will host informal workshops on the side focusing on pertinent issues related to contemporary spaces and the current situation in art. Discussions will be held in chinese and in english. DAY 0 / September 24th 2004: Arrival of organizations and artists Installation and workshop set up DAY 1 / September 25th 2004: Official Opening Ceremony at BizArt DAY 2 / September 26th 2004: Workshop #1: Art in contemporary society & the evolution of (...)


BizArt installation The structure of the symposium, at BizArt Art Center, will be under the format of an installation, where each organization can present their own space to each other and the general public. Each space can display in any form or medium that they feel suits them: installation piece, video projections, etc. Video presentation in Fuxing Park As part of the fall symposium and the Shanghai Biennale, BizArt will be organizing video presentations in Fuxing Park, one of (...)

Presentation of the meeting

A BizArt and Artfactories project With the co-operation and support of the Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) September 25th - 27th 2004 at BizArt Art Center, Shanghai Introduction In recent years, the world has seen a rise of international gatherings and symposiums focusing on the growing emergence of independent art and cultural centers, and the issues that surface in the operations of such centers. These symposiums have been especially instrumental in spreading awareness in Asia of the (...)