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    This database is constituted of artistic and cultural spaces-projects in connection with the populations and the place where they are located. Often based on fragile bases, sometimes these projects have a very short duration of life. This cartography is thus participative and in constant evolution. Thank you for indicating us the places that don’t exist anymore. Indicate a place.

  • In work

    This section present a glimpse of our, past and futur, actions, realized by ARTfactories/Autre(s)pARTs or our partners.

    If you want to have more informations, contact us .

  • About us

    The organisation A R T f a c t o r i e s / a u t r e ( s ) p A R T s is a common platform for reflection, research and action, transmission and solidarity for the development of art centres that organize their practices and experiments around the relationship between arts, territories and populations.


    • Develop an international resource platform artfactories.net,
    • Develop expert actions and transmission,
    • Organizing meetings,
    • Represent the art centres within the Government, and the different actors of society.

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