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INTERSEZIONI Verona Festival - Interzona

Contacts : INTERZONA associazione culturale via Santa Teresa 16 Verona 37135 Tel. +39 045.505005 Tel/fax+39 045.8485461 e-mail: site: site of the festival : 1 May ­- 31 May 2003 INTERSEZIONI, a festival of workshops, exhibitions, meetings and concerts, will be held through the whole month of May, in several locations all around Verona. It will aim at many different targets, like employing disused and (...)

Carte Blanche / booze cooperativa [Athens-Greece]

Carte Blanche is a festival of interactive art and boozecooperativa as its host becomes an Open ART LAB and the artists create. Not in their labs, not in their seclusion, but dynamically, interactively alongside with the public. There have been 5 previous carte blanche projects so far. Carte Blanche I March 2004, Carte Blanche II June 2004, Carte Blanche III January 2005 Carte Blanche IV “La decision absolue” March 2005, Carte Blanche V “Le chiens vagabonds ” 2006. Carte blanche was (...)

Art/Society projects / PLAYGROUND (Public art media)
Cemeti art House - Yogyakarta - Indonesia

In this collaboration project are the three artists Popok Tri Wahyudi, Hedi Hariyanto, Ali Umar and two architects Joko Purwanto and Eko Prawoto involved. They work together with the villagers of Rogocolo, Desa Tirtonirmolo, Kasihan, Bantul. This concept of this project is based on the minim concern of the availability of public space that can be used by children. The artists and architects create a playground for children from 5 till 10 years supported by the villagers, some local (...)

VideoDanza Film fest Catania / Majazé [Catania - Italy]

The cultural non-governmental organisation Majazé and Arterama - a society of services for the Arts, which runs the space Majazé presents VideoDanza Film Fest, in June 2005, the 1st edition of an international video-dance festival in Catania, Sicily [Italy]. 1_ The project Thinking and observing dance through the traditions involved into territory. An interface between local and global, folklore and experimental research, the contemporary dance goes into the memory of the body in order to (...)

International Youth Theatre Festival „EXPLOSIVE"
De schlachthof

Location : Kulturzentrum Schlachthof - Bremen - Germany Artistic Discipline : performing arts (theatre, dance) Description of the event Since 1994, the International Youth Theater Festival EXPLOSIVE! has been giving theater-groups from European and Non-European Countries the chance of presenting their productions to a young and youthful-minded audience. Groups from the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, Poland, the United States, and South Africa as well as from various German (...)

Multicultural festival in Karosta, May - September 2004

On Saturday, May 29 in the Karosta Culture and Information center K@2 the project “Es kā ... Karostā” (“I as ... in Karosta”), financed by PHARE Small Project Program, will be opened and the first month of Latvia as an EU member country will be marked with a multicultural festival. How will I feel - I as a pensioner, as a business person, as a priest, a Swede, a Pole, a Russian - in KAROSTA after Latvia joining the European Union? The project “Es kā ... Karostā” (“I as ... in Karosta”) will (...)

Mains d’Œuvres (Saint-Ouen / France) : former sports and social Centre of Ferodo-Valeo

Title of project: Heritage and transmission of an industrial history in Saint-Ouen through the case of the parts manufacturer Ferodo/Valeo Initiating centre: Mains d’Œuvres Discipline(s): heritage / architecture / history / video / theatre / education Artist or association involved in the project : Company "Les Semeurs" (Theatre and dance company), The Archives of Saint-Ouen city, Mediazones (non for profit organisation of movie production) and a primary school of Saint-Ouen Duration of (...)

The Junction’s Public Art Project - Cambridge

Introducing The Junction’s Public Art Project The redevelopment of The Junction has given momentum to an ambitious project which will bring a major pubic artwork to the venue. This groundbreaking large scale work of public art will be unveiled at the opening of new and refurbished spaces at The Junction in spring 2004. The Junction has the commitment of seven internationally acclaimed artists who will submit their ideas for an artwork this autumn. You will be able to view these when they (...)

International Contemporary Dance Festival - Vilnius

The Lithuanian Dance Information Centre (see Arts printing house project) organises the International Contemporary Dance Festival "New Baltic Dance 2003" which is going to take place in Vilnius, Lithuania, on May 5-11. You will find below the concept of the festival You can also download the programme of the festival. The purposes of the festival are: · To develop and to promote the art of dance in the Nordic/Baltic area of Europe; · To establish a common market for dance (...)

Festival SoFar - Zo

Place : Zo - Sicily - Italy Organizer : cooperative Officine (Zo) Duration : about 4 days in march More information : SoFar is a festival dedicated to electronic musics with a special attention to research projects, dance floor experimentalism and ethnic musics. The programme puts the attention to western electronic musics considering anyhow influences, more and more frequent, coming from other countries and cultures. Concerts, dj-sets, audiovisual installations, (...)

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